music 3 minute adaptive score

sound design sound effects like flairgun, bear traps, footsteps, etc.

what else? recording, directing and mixing of voice over

Project description

In MRYKUR you need to explore your surroundings and map to find and return safely with Anna in a very dark and stormy night.
The game was originally made in 48 hours on a game jam but then extended.

I composed the modular music, made voice recordings and sound effects.

Under ‘more project information’ you’ll find the game trailer as well as the complete orchestral-electronic synthwave soundtrack.

Take a listen to one track of the score:

Main Theme

Here you can watch the game trailer:

more project media

Here you can take a listen to the whole score:

Here’s a short demonstration of the ingame sound design we’ve created as well as some music clues and the intro scene I made:

And here you can watch the opening cutscene of the game:

The game itself is free and can be found on itch: