music 10 energetic retro drum n bass tracks

sound design game and dev sound logo as well as additional ingame sound design

Project description

NYXX is a fast paced retro shoot em up video game with challenging gameplay.

I composed 10 drum’n bass tracks filled with fat analogue synthesizers and rushing beats.
I gave them an ironic touch by adding stuff like orchestra hits, epic tom fills and a didgeridoo here and there.

Besides the music, I also made additional sound effects for the game as well as the games sound logo and a custom sound logo for the game developer.
If you are interested in challenging yourself by playing the game you can grab it on Steam: NYXX

Take a listen to two track snippets of the score:

full soundtrack

You can listen to the final score on most of the platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music but also directly underneath:

making of & sfx reel

I made this video tutorial series to show more details of the music making process:

Here’s a short demonstration of the ingame sound design I’ve created: