music 7 individual songs

jingles 3 jingles for each winner category

what else? creation of a making of video

Project description

I was part of the team that produced 7 driven electro-acoustic songs and 3 energetic wining fanfares for the ADC (Art Directors Club) awards show 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.

Since the award is presented in the shape of a big nail we decided to only use nails as the main ‚instruments‘ for the music as well. So we bought as many of them as we could get in different sizes and then hammered, bowed and plucked them. Since the name of the company is ‚ADC‘ it was clear from the start to use the notes A, D and C as main theme.

In the following year the audio team, that consisted of me, Leo Frick and Prof. Florian Käppler, actually won the ADC junior award ourselves for this work.

Here you can watch the making of video to get a better understanding of the project: