Closer the Distance


music a lot of self played and recorded guitar and synth tracks

Project description

I am very happy that I could write the music for this game. It has a very emotional story about the loss of a loved one. In the game, you will get to know their family members and friends and see how they cope with this situation.

I wrote a lot of music that ranges from melancholy and sad to a more optimistic mood. As a team, we agreed to mainly use (all kinds of) guitars: Acoustic guitars, mandolin, 12-string, electric bass and electric guitar. I played and recorded them all by myself.

I wanted to try something new and as I have always liked to compose more by ear and feeling than by theory, I simply retuned all my guitars (to Open-C). This meant that I could no longer play the way I used to. I found that exciting because it led to rather unusual guitar chords. When the game changes into the night, the music also changes into more mystic and synthetic versions, which I have realized with many synthesizers and a lot of sound processing of the original tracks.

You can already find the game on Steam: Closer the Distance. And below you can watch the game trailer: